• 2017Technology inovation. Increase of manufacturing production capacity.
  • 2012Launching SQM4 processor modules. Leading edge hardware and multicore applications allow us to realize solutions for new challenging projects. E-shop for company products and their accessories founded.
  • 2010Involvement in electromobility and realization of charging station for electric vehicles.
  • 2004Company transformation to Ltd. Increase in made-to-order electronics assembly, production expansion.
  • 2002Launching industrial panel computers PPC-1 to PPC-5. Realization of technically challenging projects. Start with real time operating systems and OS Linux.
  • 1994Company formation. Specialization in development and production of electronics for textile industry. Bunch of measurement and control devices developed: PC-1, PC-2, SD-16, ECP, KMZ-16, SDC-16, ...