Electronics Assembly

We offer services in made-to-order electronics assembly using both SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and THT (Through Hole Technology) technology. More details about our production line and work procedures can be found below on this page.

Stencil printing

Stencil printing is the first step before the board can be assembled by components. We offer both lead-free (default) and lead (on demand) solder. Our equipment consists of two semiautomatic stencil printers: Essemtec SP150 and Uniprint Go. See technical parameter of supported stencils.


Our SMT (Surface Mount Technology) production line is equipped with two automated assembly machines: Essemtec FOX (able to place up to 7000 SMD components per hour) and Essemtec CLM9000 V PLUS (3000 SMD components per hour). We offer both serial production and prototype assembly. We commonly work with components such as 0402, QFP with 0.5 mm pitch (even 0.3 mm using camera) or BGA with 0.45 mm pitch. For smaller series we are also able to assemble smaller components, e.g. 0201.




VPS: program selection VPS: processing 

The next step after assembling and visual check is soldering. We are equipped with two vapour phase reflow soldering machines: SLC 300 and SLC 309.

Post Placement, Corrections

We are equipped with the hand manipulator Essemtec MPL3100 for highly precise placement of components like BGA, uBGA. Component replacements are done using the HAKKO FR308 system with integrated infraheater.


Selective soldering

Soldering of THD components is done using the selective soldering system Interselect IS-T-300 with nozzle diameter from 3 to 30 mm. We offer both lead-free (default) and lead (on demand) solder.

Manual Assembly

Replacements, manual assembly and soldering of electronic components is done in a specialized workplace equipped with a number of soldering irons, microscope, hot air soldering station and other devices.


We are able to test EMC, power supply radiation, bursts, ESD etc.