Electronics Assembly

Automatic Assembly

Our significant activity is the made-to-order electronics assembly . Our technological center is equipped adequately to this fact. Please just have a brief look at the short presentation of our production procedures and used technologies.


First action is a board serigraphing. We use two serigraphs, Uniprint Go and newer, semiautomatic SP150 . Both contain the same frames, therefore the technical parameters of a template identical.


We dispose of two automatic placement machines, usually using the newer one, CLM9000 V PLUS , which can place up to 3000 SMD devices per hour. It can operate with devices in different precise cases, such as 0402 , QFP with 0.5 mm pitch (even 0.3 mm using camera) or BGA with 0.45 mm pitch.

Post Placement, Corrections

To place exacting parts as BGA we use hand manipulator Essemtec . The same is used for corrections and repairs. A useful feature is integrated infraheater and underlying camera.


In the next step boards need to be soldered. That can be accomplished in infratunnel or, usually, in SLC 300 - vapour phase soldering machine. It is also possible to use solder wave.


Our products can be tested on EMC, power supply radiation, bursts, ESD etc.

Manual Assembly

We are also equiped by a specialized workplace for manual assembly of THT electronic components.

Our manufactory is equipped by a number of soldering irons, microscope, hot air and other devices. Older boards can be soldered in soldering wave. Antistatic floor covering most of the factory, as well as antistatic covers and coats provide a better products protection. We are also well equipped for product testing.