Hardware and Software Development

Škoda Auto a.s.Škoda Auto a.s.
Laboratory devices for headlamp control and testing

Škoda Auto a.s.DAKEL a.s.
SQM4-ZY7 module

Škoda Auto a.s.ČZU
Intelligent nest box for scientific usage

Škoda Auto a.s.INGOS s.r.o.
Control application for amino acid analyser AAA500 and liguid chromatograph LC5000

Škoda Auto a.s.LANEX a.s.
Rope and bag breaker

Electronics Assembly

Škoda Auto a.s.Pickering Interfaces, s.r.o.
Measurement and control boards

Škoda Auto a.s.Power Silicon s.r.o.
Control and communication boards

Škoda Auto a.s.KNZ s.r.o.
Telecommunication devices

Škoda Auto a.s.ALNIC s.r.o.
Control boards

Škoda Auto a.s.CUE a.s.
HMI and control devices

Users of our Products

Škoda Auto a.s.Dites váhy s.r.o.
Dosing and belt weighing machines

Škoda Auto a.s.Dites s.r.o.
Evaluation units

Škoda Auto a.s.ATAS elektromotory a.s
Control of winding machines

Škoda Auto a.s.Schlafhorst / Saurer
Spinning machines control

Škoda Auto a.s.MITAS a.s.
Counters, length measurement