SW Development

Our company provides high quality software solutions for problems of embedded world. We have solid experience in measurement, control and regulation in industrial applications. However you can find our software running also in chromatografic stations or research projects.

Typically we provide the software services in one of the following forms:
  1. We are quickly and therefore also cost-effectively able to deliver software solutions with our SQM4 modules and an appropriate application board.
  2. We help customers of our SQM4 modules to start their projects. On some of such projects we cooperate for a longer time period.
  3. We participate in interesting projects of other companies.
On various platforms we are able to solve:
  • application architecture,
  • low-level work with peripherals,
  • measurement, control and regulation,
  • communication (CAN, but also ethernet or Wi-Fi),
  • image processing and recognition,
  • visualization.
We use the following technologies:
Real-time operating systems
  • Experience with Freescale MQX or FreeRTOS
  • Mostly for measurement, control and regulation, but also communications (USB, ethernet or Wi-Fi) and visualization.
Embedded Linux
  • We provide a custom configured operating system.
  • Mostly for communications (ethernet, Wi-Fi), image processing and recognition, visualization (Qt), but also work with peripherals.
  • We combine the real-time operating system on one core with embedded Linux on another core to use up the advantages of both.